We get it, leaping into something you don’t know is scary. But, what if we told you that in the ever evolving world of software development, there will always be unknowns and problems to be solved and it’s part of what Turing School alumni love about their jobs.

Leap day only comes every four years, use this bonus day of 2020 to leap into the first steps of your Turing School journey and start your application. You can’t succeed if you don’t get started!

What our alumni say about taking the leap:

“After I went to a Try Coding workshop, I knew I liked coding, but I still wasn’t 100 percent sure if going to Turing was the right choice, but it came down to making the leap to do it. I had a feeling and I just went with it, so just trust your intuition. Now, I work at a company where I love the product and it feels good to work on something everyday that is useful to people.”
Ellen Cornelius, Software Engineer at Bonusly | Back-End Program Alum
“I want other people to know that a big part of successfully entering the tech industry is about being able to carve out your own spot. Everyone struggles with imposter syndrome, I do it daily. That’s just a part of it. There isn’t a magic way around it, you figure out how to cope and it pays off. You make the jump. No one could have told me, two years ago, that I would have a career where I could work from my house and be making more money than I’ve ever seen and have the time to be engaged with my kid.”
Dina Caraballo, Software Application Developer at Charter Communications | Front-End Program Alum
“I want to be the change I want to see in the world. I didn’t like the lack of representation in the tech industry, so I decided to become a part of the solution, if this calls to you, do it! Tech shapes our entire future and we can’t have it being built by people with similar backgrounds. There are systems that we can only fix with more diversity and experiences building products we use everyday.”
Melena Suliteanu, Software Engineer at Pivotal | Front-End Program Alum